Who we are?


BIANCA ANTON: illustrator of the story The World Inside The Wardrobe;
PAULA STANCIU: the illustrator of the stories Adventures on the Green Planet and My Child, you are special!


… 2019, when I wrote the stories Adventures in the Wardrobe World and Adventures on the Green Planet for our daughters, Sofia and Emma. From the first reading, the stories they had a huge impact on them: they asked to be read to them several times a day until they learned them by heart, then they began to flip through them and relive the adventures on their own, page by page: in the end, they were their own adventures! The rest came almost by itself: if the children's stories written by us make our own little ones so happy, why shouldn't others be happy too? So I came up with a concept for personalized books that not only turns children into main characters but also offers them povești quality, challenging, emotional, with a clear educational message. That parents like it equally is welcome feedback. I was looking for the best illustrators and, from what I invested in this project, I did not save anything: energy, work, time, money. When we say that our children's stories are intensely personalized and the books created are unique, we are serious: of the more than 5,000 books created in the first year - personalized by genre, name, appearance, character traits, dedications and photos - there are not two the same. 

Captivating, playful, funny - personalized children's books from the Atelierul de eroi help children develop their imagination, self-confidence, empathy and have the potential to be rediscovered at every stage of a child's development.



BIANCA ANTON: Illustrator of the book "The World Inside The Wardrobe";

PAULA STANCIU: Illustrator of the books "Adventures on the Green Planet" and "My child, you are special"! 



Adresa: Brașov, str. Col. Buzoianu, 61, ap. 2.

Telefon: 0775 399 068

E-mail: contact@atelieruldeeroi.com


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